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Application Form-Master of Social Work (Batch 2024-2026)

Instructions to Applicants:

  1. Click on the above Application Form-MSW (Batch 2024-2026) title to download it.
  2. Fill the application along with that affix a passport size photograph of the applicant.
  3. Attach self-attested clear/readable copies of the qualifying certificates with mark lists in PDF format (i.e., 10th, Pre-Degree/Plus Two, Bachelor’s Degree, SC/ST/OEC Certificate, NCC, NSS certificates, EWS certificate, Disability Certificate (only for those applicants it is applicable), Children of Army/Navy/Air force personals, Single Girl Child, Certificates of Sports, Any Other Relevant certificates) with the receipt of fees paid* (in JPEG or PDF Format) (to the beneficiary account details provided below) towards application with other relevant documents.

Application fee details*:

  • General Category – Rs. 300/-

  • SC/ST/OEC – Rs. 150/-

  • Differently Abled Persons – Rs. 150/-

A/C No. 67136403099

IFSC: SBIN0070669

Payment account address: The Honorary Director, Inter University Centre for Disability Studies-IUCDS, State Bank of India, M.G. University Branch., P.D. Hills P.O., Kottayam-686 560.

Applicants can e-mail the duly filled applications to:

Postal Address: The Honorary Director, Inter University Centre for Disability Studies-IUCDS, Ground Floor, School of Behavioral Sciences Building, M.G. University Main Campus., P.D. Hills P.O., Kottayam-686 560.

If the applicants send their applications through post to IUCDS then, it should be superscribed over the postal cover as “APPLICATION OF MSW 2024″.

For any queries please contact: Mobile:9495213248,8281368323,8289891982,9483429290,9961996569

Last date of acceptance of application at IUCDS via email/in-person/post: 29th May 2024.

*MSW Applications that are submitted without the fee receipt will not be processed.



“NISWA 2024”
New Initiatives for Social Work Aspirants (NISWA) is an innovative program designed to empower and guide individuals aspiring to pursue a career in social work. NISWA 2024 aims to provide a comprehensive platform beyond traditional academic training, offering a range of initiatives to enhance the skills and knowledge of aspiring social workers. This program encompasses mentorship opportunities, workshops, and practical experiences to bridge the theoretical learning and real-world application gap. NISWA 2024 is committed to fostering a supportive community where social work enthusiasts can connect, collaborate, and gain insights from experienced professionals in the field.


ശ്രീ ശബരീശ കോളേജിൽ വിദ്യാർത്ഥി വിനിമയ പരിപാടി. നൂതന പഠന സങ്കേതമായ മൈക്രോ ക്രഡൻഷ്യലുമായി എം.എസ്.ഡബ്യൂ വിദ്യാർത്ഥികൾ*


RURAL CAMP SAHA 2023  19.11.2023 to 29.11.2023


A rural camp SAHA 2023 in social work education typically refers to a fieldwork or practical
experience where social work students engage in hands-on learning in rural settings. These
camps are designed to provide students with real-world exposure to the challenges and
opportunities that exist in rural or Tribal Communities. Students often work directly with
individuals, families, and communities in rural areas. This hands-on experience helps them
understand the unique dynamics and needs of rural populations. Students have the
opportunity to apply social work theories and concepts in a practical setting. They may
develop skills in community organizing, needs assessment, counselling, advocacy, and
program development tailored to rural contexts. Working in rural areas exposes students to
diverse cultures, traditions, and ways of life. This helps in developing cultural competence
and sensitivity, which is crucial for effective social work practice. SAHA 2023 involved
collaboration with professionals from other disciplines such as healthcare, education, and
agriculture. This interdisciplinary approach reflects the holistic nature of addressing issues in
rural communities. Students may encounter unique challenges in rural settings, such as
limited resources, geographical isolation, and specific socio-economic issues. This allows
them to develop problem-solving skills and innovative approaches to address these
The goal of a rural camp in social work education is to bridge the gap between classroom
learning and real-world application, preparing students for the complexities and nuances of
working in rural communities. It also aims to instill a sense of social responsibility and a deep
understanding of the needs and strengths of rural populations.




Yoga Session


Awareness Class and a Training session at St. Mary’s School, Mankulam




Theme Centered Interaction-TCI.

Theme Centered Interaction-TCI






Inaugural Address – Prof.Dr.C.T.Aravindakumar            Presidential Address – Prof.Dr.P.T Baburaj

(Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, M.G. University)                          (Honorary Director, IUCDS)



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